“Thanksgiving” is not the day to leave the diet

Many think that as of Thanksgiving they are forced to leave the diet, but that is not the case.If you really want to continue taking care of your diet this season, it is not necessary to hide in your home until next year. It’s just a matter of organizing to not eat more than you owe, or what you should not. In Life and Health we give you some tips to prepare and enjoy.

Many Latino families living in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving , either because in our home countries it is also celebrated, or because we have adopted the culture of this country. Also, even if they do not celebrate it in your home, it is very difficult not to find yourself facing the temptation of a delicious stuffed turkey or the temptations that surround it, at your colleagues’ house, in a meeting with neighbors or at the school.

For some , Thanksgiving means, mainly, the day of saying goodbye to the diet until next year. It is understandable, because it is when the season of holidays and vacations begins, and with it come weeks of delicious traditional dishes and desserts, which prevent you from losing weight in this time. But that does not mean that you can not control your current weight and at least avoid winning more pounds that later will cost you to go back down. There are many ways to take care of your weight starting on Thanksgiving Day and during the time of celebrations …

Eat well during the day. Thanksgiving Day, many prefer not to eat almost anything during the day to enjoy dinner. Big mistake! By doing this you will surely arrive with so much hunger that you will eat more than necessary. Do not neglect breakfast or lunch on this day, they will not take away your hunger for the night but they will prevent you from arriving with a fierce appetite.

Prepare a light dish. If you decide to cook for this day, take the opportunity to make a dish low in fat and calories. Using less oil or butter, reducing the amount of sugar, using low-fat products or cooking in the oven instead of frying, are key to a healthy, low-calorie dinner that does not have to be dull.

Satisfy your appetite, not your gluttony. The Thanksgiving dinner is always plentiful, but your plate does not have to be filled with everything on the table. Before serving, choose a small plate, look at all the options and choose the ones you like the most. Who said you had to try everything? And avoid repeating as much as possible. If you definitely can not stand the temptation, ask them to give you a little to take you home and eat it the next day. Even better!

Balanced plate. Of all the options on the Thanksgiving table, there are some that are more recommended for your diet than others. For example: turkey meat, pumpkin pie, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes. Try to choose the less greasy options, and balance your plate by serving no more than two flours (bread, potatoes), always including a portion of vegetables and a portion of fat-free meat.

Strategies during dinner. Eating slowly will help you enjoy your food and feel satisfied with a plate of food. And in case it’s buffet, try to sit away from the table so you can more easily ignore the smell that tempts you.

The drinks also count . Of course! And they also count alcoholic beverages that have enough calories. That is why it is not recommended that you neglect them. Try to drink water or juices without sugar with dinner instead of so many sweet drinks or in the middle between one glass and another. This way you avoid exceeding in calories and liquor.

Stay active . Despite all your efforts, it is likely that from time to time you will fall into some extra temptations. But by keeping active by exercising regularly, and even doing a little more than before (more days a week or more minutes) will help compensate for those occasional snacks that you could not avoid.

These are some strategies for those who like to enjoy Thanksgiving in the traditional style. But, for those who want to be a little more daring with the traditions, they can plan a different day. For example, why not try a day of family activities with small cuts to eat some healthy dishes? Finally, the important thing is the act of giving thanks and of reuniting with the family.

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