9 secrets to not leave your exercise routine when you travel

Soon you’ll go on a trip and although you’re happy, there’s something you have trouble leaving: your exercise routine. You fear that the next vacation or a business trip will break the discipline that has cost you so much to maintain and you can gain weight. In addition, you feel that you will miss that vital energy that only exercise gives you. Then do not leave it! Look at these secrets to exercise when you travel.

Exercise on work trips

When Andres was promoted as a national sales representative, he had reason to be very happy, and he was. But there was something deep down that bothered him … he would travel every week and could no longer follow his daily exercise routine. At first he tried to assume it, until during a trip he felt that he really needed physical activity. He thought that work should not be an excuse to stop exercising and he devoted himself to finding options so that his trips and exercise were compatible. These are his secrets:

1. Exercise where you go. Currently many hotels have gyms and swimming pools for their guests. Ask if yours is there, or if there is at least one park or gym nearby that you can go to. In some hotels or cities you can even rent bicycles or inline skates.

2. Plan. Before each trip, think about the possible obstacles that you may encounter to follow your exercise routine: a demanding schedule of meetings or activities, a different climate, lack of sports facilities. And think how you are going to solve it, do not wait to be in your temporary destiny to decide it. Organize your schedule in advance, and leave, preferably, 1 or 2 hours in the morning to exercise, because the nights are easily occupied with social activities.

3. Include your sports clothes or whatever you need to exercise in your travel bag. It is true that you can not carry the elliptical machine in your briefcase, but you can take a jump rope, your walking shoes, the swimsuit or even a resistance band.

4. Give rein to creativity . Although it may not seem like it, there are many times when you can exercise during your business trip. You can walk at the airport while you wait for your flight, walk to the meeting places instead of going in the car, walk to know the city where you are, go up and down the hotel stairs instead of using the elevator, do stretching exercises in your room or look for some aerobics program on television.

5. Look for company. Find out if colleagues who travel with you also exercise to schedule activities together, will encourage them.

Exercise in the holidays

Who does not want to go on a trip during the holidays? Although Angela never confessed to anyone in her family, there was something about vacations that she did not like: that she was losing her exercise routine and that made her quickly earn the pounds she had worked so hard to lose. Until one day he said “no more!” And organized the way in which exercise and vacations were compatible. These are his secrets:

6. Take time. On vacation with family or friends, no one is going to bother you if you take some time to do your routine. Choose preferably the mornings, because at night it is quite safe to go through another family plan.

7. Prepare. Always include in your briefcase your walking shoes and your swimsuit, never left over. And find out beforehand what are the possibilities of exercising in the place you go.

8. Walk as much as you can. Instead of going by car to the places you are going to meet, try walking. Get a map of the city with walking tours. Take the opportunity to walk in the shopping center, in the museums, on the beach, in the park. While you know a new place, you will not even notice that you are exercising.

9. Include the others. Try to schedule recreational activities in family or in groups that include some type of physical activity such as a walking tour, a bike ride in a park, kayaking in a lake, a volleyball or beach soccer championship. This way you can involve everyone in the activity and have fun while you stay active.

It is not horrible or impossible. Exercising while traveling is totally feasible and can also bring you many benefits. For example, during a business trip exercise helps you lower your stress levels and keep your energy up. And when you are on vacation, it helps you release the stress and fatigue that you have accumulated during your body throughout the year. Seize it!

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